Monday, August 09, 2004

"527" Groups--- the fruit of McCain-Feingold

NDN President Simon Rosenberg will appear on C-SPAN's Washington Journal program on Monday August 9th at 9:00 am ET.


Mr. Rosenberg's organization is the New Democrat Network, one of many so-called "527" organizations operating under the latest tax code. The term "527" is a designation or category which limits the behavior of political-advocacy groups, most importantly restricting them from coordinating directly with the campaign organizations of the nominees of political parties.

Let's face it, folks. Whether you're for or against campaign finance limits, the "527" category is the loophole, and that loophole is manifestly big enough to render McCain-Feingold meaningless.

Mr. Rosenberg asserts that groups like the NDN are "transparent," meaning that they are required by law to list all contributors. This distinguishes the 527's from "C-4" groups (an earlier tax code designation for issue-advocacy groups) that are NOT required to make public the sources of their funding. Asked to list a few "C-4" groups, he mentioned the Sierra Club and the National Chambers of Commerce. Defending his organization's Spanish-language ads criticizing Bush, he says that NDN is very careful to follow the law in avoiding any coordination with the Democratic National Committee in their advertising for John Kerry.

That's really a bunch of argle-bargle. Simon Rosenberg really revealed the thinking of the Democratic Party in exploiting the 527 loophole when he bemoaned the sorry state of the Party's finances and ascribed that to (you're going to LOVE this...) the strength of FOX NEWS and Rush LIMBAUGH!!!!!!!

Okay, I get it. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the largely tax-payer-funded Public Broadcasting System are unable to counter the schemes of the Vast RightWing Conspiracy. The evil Republicans have managed to compel twenty million unsuspecting citizens to chain themselves to their radios to listen to Rush, and uncounted other millions to sit in thrall to the demented rantings of Fox News, long known to be the unofficial propaganda organ of the Bush juggernaut. Fox and Rush are therefor part of the official fund-raising apparatus of the Republican Party, and are subject to appropriate restrictions and penalties.

Simply, the groundwork is being laid by the Democrats to compel funding for their own propaganda from the national cookie jar.


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