Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rioting in Denmark and Paris— Is the MSM listening?

As I finished composing the previous essay, news posting on several blogs describe the SEVENTH day of rioting by Muslim youths in a growing sprawl of Paris neighborhoods. The incident precipitating the riot was the deaths by accidental electrocution of two teenages who seemingly scaled a wall into an electrical power substation, presumably to escape police pursuing them. At this point there is at least one police station that has been under seige by the rioters, and some 40 vehicles set ablaze. One concern is a report that several surface-to-air missiles recently have been smuggled into Europe by Islamic zealots, and the neighborhoods currently in such disarray are distressingly close to the two airports, Le Bourget (Where Charles Lindbergh alit after his transatlantic flight) and Charles de Gaulle. A Reuters report leads off, interestingly with the promise of French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to determine how a police tear gas cannister inadvertantly rebounded against a MOSQUE.

[note to Sarkozy: Could it possibly be that since Police fired a tear gas grenade in the direction of a crowd of Muslims busy trying to dismantle FRANCE, and because it was a Muslim neighborhood, a Mosque was more or less inevitably in the line of fire?]

During the time we in America have been so preoccupied with the indictment of Lewis Libby and the Left’s accusations of that Bush lied to fool the country into making war on a Religion of Peace, rioting Muslims have also spent four days trashing a commercial Mall in Århus, Denmark. This is, you may recall, the anniversary of the murder by a militant Muslim of Theo Van Gogh in Holland. (Check my previous article for a review of current murders and atrocities by fanatic Muslims around the world.) At this point, even after four days of rioting, the news is not showing up in a google search except for blogs. The Mainstream ALLEGED news organizations either are not paying attention, or they have chosen to ignore the Denmark riots. Two blogs have described the Århus rioting, Free Republic and Small Dead Animals, the Roadkill Diaries, which evidently received email translations or descriptions from Denmark’s domestic Danish-language press.

Looks like the appeasement of Villepin and Chirac don't count for much to some folks. They may have to abase themselves a lot more to calm the outraged ones.

I predict diminishing returns.


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