Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Policy on COMMENTS

My Policy on COMMENTS

First, any BLOGsite is one person’s opportunity for stating personal opinions, views, thoughts, musings, et cetera. No one is required to agree with those opinions, nor is anyone holding a gun to the reader’s head and forcing them to absorb ideas they detest. All readers of a blog have at all times the right to ignore, scoff at, disregard, or ultimately, LEAVE a given blog if the blogger’s opinions offend.

The point of ALLOWING comments is to stimulate conversation and exchange of ideas; to allow the site occasionally to transcend the puny limits of the blogger’s ideas and information sources.

It is self-evident that a blogger has the right at all times to control of the materials posted to the blogsite, since the blogger ultimately may be held responsible by third parties if TRULY offensive, pornographic, nasty, libelous, seditious, frightful, or otherwise undesirable materials persist.

Comments will be allowed, but I retain the right at all times to delete comments that are gratuitously rude, outrageous, tedious, off-topic, offensive, stupid, moronic, and generally a waste of time. Persistent Trollish behavior will result in banishment. Spamming will be dealt with as a legal/criminal violation, and referred to appropriate authorities.

[If you’re still reading this far into a Policy on Comment posting on some obscure blog, you need to go forth and do something really radical with your life... get a boyfriend, girlfriend, dog, or a hamster. I’m telling you, if you keep going in this direction, you’re going to end up pushing a shopping cart full of blankets and empty wine bottles and cans of beans & weanies down some dingy alley in Tacoma, muttering to your self about the bastards that stole your tinfoil hat last night.]

I specifically retain the publishing rights to all posted comments on this site, with the obvious exception of copyrighted material posted without permission or knowledge of the copyright owner(s), in which case the poster accepts full responsibility for the violation and agrees to indemnify and hold this blog safe from harm from any action arising from the poster’s abuse of statutory or commonlaw copyright. Posters are responsible at all times for the content of their own damn posts.

What? You never realized that it’s BREAKING THE LAW to copy and paste someone else’s writing without their permission?????????

See? I’ve already given you some free education.

Alternative viewpoints and challenges are not unwelcome if they are intended to persuade rather than bludgeon the reader. Comments that are pasted-in multipage encyclopedic treatises— EVEN IF THEY AGREE WITH ME— will result in deletion. I retain at all times the right to be arbitrary and capricious in my exercise of judgment about comments and their authors. I retain the right to violate my own policy, and change the darn thing whenever I feel like it.

It’s my blog.

— The Mad Fiddler


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