Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Euro-Islamicist Rioting and the Abdication of the Press

By two weeks ago (i.e., about the 4th of November) I had been reading about the riots for several days, but the nightly rampage of disaffected Muslims in France was well into its seventh day before I began to hear any mention of it on the nightly news. By the fifth day of Muslim rioting in Århus, Denmark, I only was aware of it by reports in blogs, translated from Danish news services. It’s certainly possible that I missed the reports that were broadcast, because I do not aggressively scan the television for news.

But why should I have to search the television stations for news of such profoundly important events going forward? The entire point of News Organizations used to be that they were meant to alert viewers to events about which they need to know, and give information that the viewers could not reasonably be expected to dig up for themselves except by vigorous research.

Have all the network news organizations concluded that the riots are so trivial they don’t need really to give them more than a few second’s comment? With all their resources, connections, analysts, experts in history, culture, law, technology, psychology, philosophy, religion, et cetera, have they concluded it is of no consequence that the rioters are tens of thousands of unassimilated North African Muslims? That it is insignificant that they’re discontentedly living in ghettos in which their grandparents were settled by the French Government? That they have burnt upwards of ten thousand vehicles now, torched several Christian churches, and wounded a few French Gendarmes? That the French government is being driven to apply curfews and civil disorder legislation originally created to control the bloody conflict that tore France and its North African Algerian Départment asunder sixty years ago?

Those data I only know from reading the news on the web, which allows me to connect to European news sources, and other people’s blogs. With the exception of C-span, the commercial and public stations give so little attention to the Islamicist Militants rampaging in Europe, that it might as well not be happening. If you ask people who do not check internet news sources, they shake their heads and act as though you’re some sort of kook to be asking.

Even as the riots persist into a third week, American news anchors attempting antiseptic neutrality still hold back from acknowledging that the violence is by Muslims. “Neutral” is a word which cannot be honestly applied to this sort of craven abdication of the responsibility a NEWS REPORTING organization. Better say “neutered” to be more accurate.

All this underscores to me the inescapable problem that the Mainstream Alleged News Media in America no longer can be trusted to deliver the service we need. In almost every country of the globe, Islamic zealots are relentlessly hacking, shooting, exploding, beheading, castrating, gassing, burning, stoning, and otherwise mistreating those whom they would dominate. More tolerant muslims are targeted for murder, to intimidate others into accepting the domination of the fanatics.

When european news teams taped Palestinians celebrating after the collapse of the World Trade Centers on 11 September 2001, members of the Palestinian Authority approached them and warned that they “could not guarantee their safety, if they were to continue.” Now, that has got to make you stop and think. Just like the London Executives of Burger King, when a smart-aleck Muslim objected that an abstract drawing of the swirls of an ice-cream sundae product label was offensive to Islam because it was too close to the Arabic script for “Allah.” They caved in. God knows, we don’t want to have Islamic terrorists blowing up Burger King stores.

Within days after the event of 9-11, you could not find images of the airplanes exploding as they crashed into the World Trade Center or the subsequent collapse of those towers anywhere on American broadcast stations. They blandly announced it had been decided to refrain from repeatedly broadcasting those scenes to avoid needlessly arousing feelings of outrage among Americans.

These are identically the same monsters who endlessly re-broadcast the fifteen seconds of the Rodney King beating by L.A. Police. Where was their sense of restraint then? Or when they repeatedly broadcast the photographs of arab men being humbled and shamed by an errant American female prison guard? With all their pontificating, they cannot get around the brutal fact that that such humiliation will never be morally equivalent to murders, beheadings of captives and indiscriminate bombings of bystanders, and the use of children as human shields in battle, all daily fare for Islamic fascist cowards.

Why is it important to try to avoid arousing Anti-Arab outrage among Americans at an undeniable atrocity done to their country, but it’s okay to make every effort to provoke anti-American outrage among Arabs by reports that frequently are no more than allegations?

That is sophistry, casuistry, or to speak plainer, lying. And the Mainstream Media do this twisting, torturous, inversion of logic every day.

After the collapse of Baghdad in 2003, CNN’s top news executive Eason Jordan admitted in a letter to the New York Times — shortly before the plain truth would have been revealed by unfolding events ANYWAY — that CNN had systematically been withholding reports of Saddam’s atrocities, murders, kidnappings, tortures, assassinations, and crimes against his subjects for years before the invasion. He mumbled some lame excuse for this, suggesting that they were trying to protect their Iraqi staff from retribution.

That is a crock of fecal matter.

They sanitized for American audiences the viciousness of the regime, at the same time standing by while they KNEW the regime was daily raping and slaughtering children and women in front of their fathers and husbands. The gutless cravens at CNN were silent, running stories that made Americans think “Say...Iraq doesn’t seem that different from, well, downtown Albuquerque,” while opponents of the regime were being fed into wood chippers, or pushed from sixth-floor roofs, or having their hands chopped off with machetes.

Sorry, Mr. Eason. That is not protecting Iraqis. That is ACQUIESCING to the torment of Iraq. You let Americans think Bush was demonizing Saddam, while you KNEW he really WAS A DEMON!

Sadly, what CNN was really doing — and you can be sure that so was each and every other news organization — was jockeying to guarantee themselves a front-row seat for the fireworks when Bush finally blew Saddam’s regime off the map, as they knew he eventually would.

The sick irony of that situation is that they also knew from the accuracy demonstrated in the U.S. “smart weapons” of a decade earlier that they would be safe in their suites in the designated JOURNALIST HOTELS, because of the pinpoint accuracy and obsessively reviewed targeting of United States munitions. Their biggest worry, and the greatest source of all civilian casualties, was the frantic promiscuous un-aimed firing of the Iraqi forces before they decamped, followed by the deliberate targeting of civilians by Islamic terrorists.

[The incident in which U.S. fire killed journalists was on 08 April 2003, when a US tank fired on what they believed to be an enemy “spotter” on the roof of a building, which turned out to be the Palestine Hotel, where many international journalists were quartered. Even a critical review by Reporters Without Borders acknowledges that Reuters Ukrainian camera operator Taras Protsyuk and Spanish Telecinco employee José Couso, were not intentionally targeted as journalists by the tank crew, who did not know they were firing on a hotel which housed reporters.]

Iranian Auto Manufacturer Iran Khodro announces Asbestos Car for French Market; 200K units initial order.

No, sorry, it’s just a stupid joke.

It would be wonderful to write about silly stuff, things that make us chortle and guffaw, snicker and giggle. A lot of people laugh if you just sneeringly say the name of the president and roll your eyes. Must make it awfully easy to be a comedian.

Sometimes it’s intriguing to consider how things will march when the Leftward crowd gets what it seems to be so earnestly striving to achieve. Imagine Jay Leno’s writers struggling to come up with a bunch of snappy one-liners about Michael Jackson once our country is part of the greater Caliphate of North America. They would have to scribble their humor very quickly; Jackson’s headless torso would probably be cooling to room temperature before broadcast time. Justice under Sharia is swift and harsh.

Viewers might want to record every episode they can of all the hooking up and hot-tub action in the OC and all the dating “reality” games, Playboy Channel, Jerry Springer, and “Girls Gone Wild” because the Imams and the Ayutollahs are unlikely to pickup the fall options for those properties. And set aside a very cleverly disguised hidey-hole for the tapes of those programs and any clandestine triple-X videos.

Or a C-Span discussion on the rise of Islamic Fascism.

Protections against unreasonable search and seizure might become a little tenuous under regimes which regard the American Constitution as an edict of the Great Satan. The Wise leaders of many Islamic fundamentalist governments have criminalized satellite dishes an other devices which might channel decadent western influences into the heart of pious Islamic domesticity.

Take a look at the banlieus of France — the Muslim ghettos currently engaged in guaranteeing the next several years of unprecedentedly brisk Peugot and Citroën sales. (Latest reports indicate the two-week-long “Car-B-Que” is tapering off, which may simply indicate a dwindling supply of unburnt vehicles.) Militant third and fourth generation Muslims in France, whose forebears immigrated from former FrancoColonial North Africa to find better paying jobs than could be had in their own lands, have obstinately resisted assimilation into a culture that has always shown little respect for outlanders. French planners who built the various communities of dubious charm in which to install the nominal French citizens from Algeria may have expected that the largesse of progressively expanding welfare benefits would win hearts.

But the dole queue ever fails to inspire the gratitude or loyalty of its intended beneficiaries.

One has to have a modicum of sympathy for the disaffected Muslims. Growing up in increasingly socialistic France, militant Muslim youths endure the double whammy of persistent French condescension and the enfeebling disincentives to self-worth imposed by any welfare state.

The Germans too thought to solve their labor shortage by encouraging wholesale movement of ethnic Turks into the burgeoning industrial economy of West Germany back in the days when Germany was partitioned. When the WALL fell, the formerly communist East Germany’s long idled population suddenly provided all the cheap workers a profit-minded industrial economy could want. This made the outlander Turkish workers suddenly redundant, forcing many of them onto the dole. As a result, Germany too, has a simmering population of under-employed and discontented Islamic immigrants, albeit without the legacy of having been their Colonial Master in living memory.

Holland, on a time having colonies in the Spice Islands, also had a substantial influx of Islamic immigrants, particularly from South Molucca. Some of those, uprooted from their own culture and unwilling or unable to cope with life in the Netherlands, staged a bloody train hijacking in the 1970’s. More recently, Muslim immigrants in Holland murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh for the sin of making a film critical of the harsh treatment of women in Islamic society. Holland is now in a general state of alarm; the ethnic europeans, officials and private citizens as well, are rightly concerned that just making public statements regarding the continuing outrages by the immigrant militants will expose them to terrorist retribution. And while Muslims have been rioting in France, other Muslim communities have been on a violent spree in Denmark.

We may be seeing the the initial cracks in a collapse of at least one failed European state; the initial assault in an undeclared attempt by Islamic expansionists to finish the conquest of Europe that was only temporarily delayed at Tours by Charles Martel in October of 732, and later by the Viennese resistance to the Ottoman Turks in 1638.

It must be reiterated over and over again that there are many wonderful people who are Muslims. I have been privileged to know a good number of them, mostly as a benefit of my undergraduate years at an Ivy League university with a large representation of non-US nations, and the years I’ve spent teaching and just hanging out at several universities. Those years introduced me to Muslims from Jakarta, Malaysia, India, Palestine, Israel, Philippines, Egypt, and other African regions.

The moderate Muslims, who honor the principles of tolerance and diversity, are in much more immediate danger from Islamic fanaticism than any other group. I can understand their reticence. To publicly advocate the equality of women, or tolerance of homosexuality, to allow that there might be further prophets after Muhammad, or to question whether Peace can exist before Sharia is imposed on all “Dar-Al-Harb” marks the speaker as a target for intimidation or murder by the zealots. This is why Islamoterrorists are blowing up their coreligionists even more relentlessly than they are murdering jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, followers of Bahu’a’ullah, Copts, animists, agnostics, Catholics, and Buddhists.

Some folks have suggested that moderate Muslims need to work for a “Reformation” of Islam, like that of the Catholic Church when it was in chaos from widespread corruption. In the absence of any clear pressure from within, support for reform from without has no way to link to and nurture Muslim reform efforts. But the murderous zealots are most likely to target those they consider “apostate” for especial wrath. So we are in a terribly critical stage, in which the fanatics are maneuvering to dominate or murder any of their own faith who oppose their agenda, then consolidate their power before advancing to new territories.

History has many lessons: If you look at the emergence of Japan from its own isolation, you see similar spasms and upheaval within Japanese culture. In the 1920’s— a generation AFTER Japan had astounded the world by smashing Imperial Russia’s proud fleet in the Tsushima Straight — Japanese fanatics assassinated scores of Industrialists, bureaucrats, leaders, educators, and publishers, attempting to purge hated “Western Influences” they saw making their culture unrecognizable.

Iran in the 1980’s after the fall of the Shah, saw an eerily similar parade of assassinations and xenophobic violence, attempting to salvage a comforting medieval Islamic identity from the wreckage of the Shah’s attempt at modernization. For all the American Left’s hatred of the CIA (which had helped the Shah return to power in the mid-50’s) and characterization of the Shah as repressive, he was hated more for his attempts at reform. For decades he had been treading on the once-unchallenged Imams, by decreeing the right of women to wear modern dress, receive schooling like that of males, to work at jobs; by taking over the distribution of land and farming allotments, that had been a primary source of the Imam’s power; and by Westernizing banking and financial institutions. For these he was doomed, not for operating his Savak secret police.

So there is hope. Japan has been pretty thoroughly integrated into the community of nations, although it was only after horrific blood and suffering.

But we now are at a point in the tides of history similar to the last years before Hitler swept across Europe and the Ukraine. A little vision and some backbone is wanted. What we now call "Political Correctness" is indistinguishable from what was then called "Appeasement." "Peace in Our Time" defines the gutless avoidance of confrontation with the bully, now as then.

Our own news media cannot bring themselves to speak the words identifying the perpetrators of the current outrages in almost every country of the world. They are actively choosing to be silent rather than report news which either will anger the Islamic Terrorists, or fails to support their world vision, in which the only evil is that of European White Culture against all third world cultures.

Our News Reporting and Information sources have largely abdicated their responsibility and loyalty to the people they are meant to be serving. We have to replace them, or accept blindness as a new dark age approaches.


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