Monday, August 14, 2006

Maybe It's Not Too Late

In case you've had the horrible feeling lately that Western culture is circling the drain, consider four different arrests in the news of the last week.

• In each case, young Islamic Males have been arrested and questioned with as few as 80 and as many as ONE THOUSAND “throw-away” cellular phones, which do not require identification for purchase or use. In one case, they also were carrying a laptop computer (of course that’s no crime, unless it wasn’t a Mac...), and in another case, the Young Islamic Males were found to have recorded a number of photos and video of sections of the five-mile long Mackinac Narrows Bridge.

• When stopped, the Young Islamic Males had been removing the phones from their sealed packages, removing the re-charge units, and separating the battery packs.

So here are four different groups of Young Islamic Males in widely separated parts of the U.S., each in possession of a substantial number of disposable cell phones of a type known to have provided chips used extensively as the remote triggering element for “Improvised” explosive devices – the IED’s that are killing hundreds of civilians and tens of U.S. soldiers every month in Iraq.

And for each of these groups of Young Islamic Males, the story being advanced is that the cell phone purchases were completely innocent, they were intended for private resale... just the American Dream of private enterprise and some sort of return on their investment.

What a crock of steaming bowel contents.

These cack-handed turdburglers are going to really make Jihadis look dumb.

Let’s see if I got this straight... They’ve broken the seal on all the packages, pulled out the phones, discarded most of the recharging units, and separated the battery packs from the phones...

... But they say they intend to sell the phones to other private buyers!

For actually more than they paid for ‘em????

I’m trying to imagine what sort of person is smart enough to be allowed out of the house to *AND* yet STUPID enough to want to buy a phone which has been ripped out of it’s blisterpak, no recharge unit, no battery pack, for more than the damn phone cost in the first place.

When ANYONE can buy the damn thing, no questions asked, over the counter, ANYWAY!!!!!

On the face of it, to suggest this is anything but a deliberate effort to acquire remote-trigger chips for IEDs, is a sneering insult to any reader’s intelligence.

There are two elements of this farce that provide at least a little tingle of encouragement that people are waking up. First, store managers, clerks, AND law enforcement officers have shed the Political Correctness shackles enough to act on their suspicions and go ahead and detain for questioning people who clearly are doing something that warrants a closer look. Secondly, the news reports even in the Mainstream Alleged News Media are going ahead and identifying the detained persons as Young Islamic Males, without having to wait two full weeks or more to release that important datum.


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