Monday, August 14, 2006

Channeling Duckman

There are so many people with much greater intelligence, experience, and understanding of terrorism, I hesitate to toss this out, it seems so elementary... but here goes:

Four pathetic loonies blowing themselves up inside the London tube system could reasonably be a conspiracy of just those four. I mean, they could have come up with the idea (albeit from one among them who actually had trained in a terrorist camp one summer) and done the deed without a lot of outside needling and assistance.

Twenty to fifty-odd martyr-minded folks, each coached, trained, indoctrinated, equipped and supplied with sophisticated bomb-making materials, all ready to proceed with a coordinated attack on a number of different commercial flights absolutely implies a professional, well-organized and financed bit of business. It would be interesting to see if ANY of these people were preparing to travel under their own names, with legitimate visas.

Let’s not waste ascii characters debating what sort of turd-for-brains would believe that the group of suiciders in the recent plot did their planning and scheming and preparations without substantial aid and direction from a foreign power.

The plot may have been ready to launch from British aerodromes — i.e., under British jurisdiction —but I seem to recall that there are treaties and decisions that assign jurisdiction for crimes on aircraft aloft over international waters to the nation under whose flag the hull is registered. Whether that would give the U.S. a direct jurisdictional voice in prosecuting these pusbags (it is a strictly legal term) I don’t know.

On the other hand... WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT LEGAL PROPRIETIES?!?!?!?!?!

Look, I did a little astral projection last night, and soul-traveled over to the Palace of the Mullahs in downtown Teheran. I watched them debate for hours.

It was all in Farsi.

Ya can’t figure ALL the angles...

But... They were watching a PowerPoint™ presentation, so I could figure out a lot from context. And the context PLAINLY screeched THE MULLAHS ARE GUILTY!!!!!!

The mouse in the skulligallee is that, Well, seriously, some of the reports are pointing accusative fingers at Pakistani badguys.

Obviously, because of our grovelling dependence on the cooperation of Pervez Mussharrif in many so many matters, GWOT-wise, we are constrained from any course of action that can be easily traceable.


Sounds like a really bad breakfast cereal.


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