Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For this Film was Theo Van Gogh Executed

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The title above is linked to the iFilm website. Specifically it links to the page showing the first 3 minutes of the film made by Theo Van Gogh from a script by Ayan Hirsi Ali. Ali is the Somali-born immigrant who rose to become an elected member of the Dutch Parliament. Her film script depicts the brutality Islamic culture imposes on women in marriage, even in the supposedly civilized and placid Netherlands.

Because of this film, many fundamentalist Islamic immigrants were enraged. One of them approached Theo Van Gogh on an Amsterdam street and shot him dead, then stabbed a knife into his chest to pin a death threat against Ayan Hirsi Ali for her rebellion against Islam.

The Government of the Netherlands, which has otherwise begun to see it must resist Islamic militants and clerics, has caved in to pressure and evicted Ayan Hirsi Ali from her apartment building, and rescinded her passport for misrepresenting the facts of her original immigration request, which she had years earlier publicly detailed.

The problem of Islamic customs in the abuse of women may be inextricably linked to specific cultures which have given rise to Islam.

Islam has become the predominant faith for approximately a sixth or more of the world's population, including substantial communities in China, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bengladesh, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Iran (which is Persian not ARAB) and of course, all the Arab countries of the eastern Mediterranean Sea and North Africa. That is scores of very different populations, each with their own distinct histories and customs, which persist along with the overlay of Islamic Sharia law and traditions.

But throughout the Islamic world, more in some places than in others, brothers and fathers murder women of their own families who have been raped, whether the rape was by a total stranger or a family member. This is called an “Honor Killing.” The culture reckons any sexual activity whatsoever outside the narrow bounds allowed by Islamic law and custom have rendered the woman permanently and irretrievably soiled, defiled and ruined.

In many areas where Islamic fanatics rule, young men patrol the streets as enforcers, ready to thrash women with canes for allowing so much as an ankle or arm to show from their clothing, or throw acid in the face of any woman brazen enough to show it in public.

Since the Islamic Revolutionary Government has taken over management of Iran, many thousands of women have been hung from convenient construction cranes for the crimes of adultery, fornication, and insufficient modesty. Back in the early 1960’s the film “Zorba the Greek” was widely criticized for depicting an isolated Greek village stoning a widow after she had an affair with a visiting British tourist. Greek celebrities and diplomats of the day assured the rest of the world that such customs were a thing of the distant past. But they are alive and well in Islamic culture, just as slavery and amputation of the hand of a thief are still practiced in some Islamic countries.

So when someone tells you that Islam translates as “Peace” just remind yourself that’s not true.

Islam means “Submission.”

Think of that when you hear reports that Muslim clerics in Canada are demanding that the government give them authority to mediate any disputes between Islamic husbands and their wives.

Think of Theo Van Gogh and Ayan Hirsi Ali the next time some propagandist tries to feed you the lie that Islam means Peace.


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