Thursday, September 16, 2004

There Will Be an End to This Nonsense

...and it will NOT be pretty. Nor will it be to the liking of Dan Rather, CBS News, and the people who have tried to fob off on the American public the sickening fraud of forged military records.

Take a few minutes to check the post at INDC Journal ( and you will have to agree with Vodkapundit Stephen Green's judgment:

"Bill of INDC Journal is the hardest-working blogger in the business.
... he's become a one-man investigative news department, lawyer, and FBI agent."

Evidently, Bill has made sure that the Kinko's from which the fraudulent memos were faxed will not erase its internal surveillance videotapes, and has done a lot of research which seems to confirm that from any number of convergent lines of attack, the promulgation of these forgeries is a criminal violation of state and federal statutes. By many definitions it is classified as a felony.

There are much more important issues facing the nation, and they must be attended to. Kerry, for instance, needs to give some indication of what HE will actually do as president, instead of droning on about his three months in Vietnam 35 years ago. President Bush might serve the public better by giving us some further detail of what to expect from his domestic programs.

But the business of the forged memos should underscore that the most radicalized leftists in the Democratic Party are willing to destroy the Two-party system that has worked very well for this country since its founding. It is not written into the Constitution, nor is it confirmed or protected by any Legislation. We can have as many political parties as we want. But it has proven to be a workable system to have two main political parties that are required to work with each other, and from time to time switch places, each serving as the "loyal opposition" when edged out of the dominant role.

There are many discouraging examples of countries whose governments are just a continuing fistfight among dozens of parties contending, so there is no consensus or coherence. If we want to lower our government to the comic stature of, say, Italy, a sure method would be to allow one of the two major political parties to erode to the point that it disintegrates. That is what we can expect if the extremists of the left are allowed to continue their suicidal mutilation of the once functional Democratic Party.

A lot of people are using the metaphor of "drinking Kool-aid" to described the obstinate refusal of Rather and CBS to acknowledge their conspicuous lapse in judgment. Let's remember that is a reference to the Jonestown MASSACRE of 1978. Hundreds of members of The People's Temple, founded and lead by Jim Jones, having surrendered to his brutal leadership, were forced to drink poisoned FLAVOR-aid® at his command. Nine hundred died in minutes along with their babies and children, while Congressman Leo J. Ryan and several others who had come to investigate complaints of abuse, were murdered as they prepared to board their plane at a nearby airstrip.

It seems almost ludicrously appropriate that Jones and his followers had relocated to Guyana after leaving San Francisco. I guess the atmosphere there was just too conservative for them.


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