Friday, October 29, 2004

Advice to Trolls

There are always disagreements between people of goodwill. And then there are people whose only intent is to twist logic and substitute allegations for reasoned dispute.

If your desire or goal is to engage and possibly persuade someone to consider your point of view, you have a lot to learn about simple etiquette and civil converse.

If your purpose is, on the other hand to try to just aggravate people who disagree with you, you've accomplished that, but so freaking what? How does that make Kerry's task any easier? How does it make the governing of this country at all easier by going out of your way to insult people with whom you differ?

Whoever wins the election, we still are a nation besieged. The Hatred of Islamic zealots forunbelievers predates by six centuries the arrival of Christians and Jews on the shores of North America. However stupid George Bush may be, his dumbness or brilliance is a miniscule factor in the enduring belligerence between Islam and ALL its neighbors.

Look at any academic site (as opposed to those of organizations that are PROMOTIMG Islam) and read for yourself a concise history of Islam. You will find (forgive me, those of you who have seen this before) that the Prophet Mohammed himself commanded military assaults upon his enemies, and personally ordered beheadings and executions of unbelievers. In the first decade after his death, the leadership of Islam changed hands several times. In each instance, one aspirant murdered and replaced his predecessor. In the first century of its existence on the planet, Islam was imposed by its fanatical leaders use of military assault on successive neighbors spreading from the Arabian Peninsula eastward across north Africa and Northward up Palestine,Lebanon and Syria, through Turkey to Istanbul. In many parts of the Islamic world, slavery is still routinely practiced. Sharia--- civil law according to Islamic principles--- imposes beheadings, amputations, and hanging for acts and behaviors many in the Western democracies tolerate and even defend as fundamental rights--- sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, dissent, etc.

The European Union is experiencing its own difficulties assimilating huge Islamic immigrant populations. Anti-semitism has deep roots, and racial tensions and racist attitudes are very strong in Europe. For them to be lecturing the United States about our attitudes and attempts at resolving our problems is ludicrous.

For any person who intends to govern America, it is insane to expect Europe to provide answers to our problems. They can't defend, or govern, themselves. Joschka Fisher, the FOREIGN MINISTER of Germany, is a terrorist sympathizer--- He was photographed in an internationally reported incident in th3 1970's kicking and beating a German police officer at a dmonstration, with six other demontstrators assisting. He admitted in a widely reported trial of the Bader-Meinhoff gang (of terrorists) that his home was used as a safe house by known terrorists in the 1970s.

That such a man could be ELECTED by the german population, OR appointed to such a high office in the German government, speaks volumes about the fundamental INSANITY of the current European culture.

For John Kerry to announce that he regards the European attitudes as any sort of touchstone for his policies identifies him as someone who should never be entrusted with the reins of government.

I apologize for my typos. I'm writing this at the library, no splee chekcer.


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