Monday, September 20, 2004

A Deception, wrapped in a mis-direction, hidden within a dirty trick.

Poor FrankJ.

Worlds crumble; heads roll; tears flow; lamentations and the gnashing of teeth echo in the halls of CBS and the DNC.

But FrankJ is so bereft of ideas that he polls his readers for inspiration.

Sad to see burn-out in a blogger so young.

Here's my post to his comment section (and you can probably come up with something even more witty with a minute's musing):

Dear FrankJ,
I am only signing in this way because your delusion has become so self-reinforcing that posting a message to your fake comment section is the only way I can remind you to take your meds. The nurse has placed them in a small paper cup next to your URINAL, so be careful which thingie you DRINK from...

Okay. Now let's get started on the therapy session, shall we?

I think it would be very helpful for you today to continue talking about just exactly what it is about writing all these comments with the different names is so... mmm... SATISFYING to you. I mean, you've been watching the TV a little this week, and I overheard you mumbling something about nice Mister RATHER and all the difficulties *HE's* gotten himself into with his little excursions into "Let's Pretend" land...
Or if you're not comfortable with that, what would YOU like to talk about?


He really does work hard to keep us entertained, even if we are only figments of his fevered imaginings.


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