Saturday, August 28, 2004

Truth or Lies... either can serve a Liar's need

I just came across a blog (Steve Gilliard's News Blog) in which he describes a debate that occurred during Kerry's campaign versus Bill Weld for the Massachusetts senate seat he now occupies. Steve indicated that in the midst of a debate on the death penalty, which Kerry opposes but Weld endorses, Kerry turned to his opponent and said that having served in Vietnam "I know what it feels like to have a man die in your arms."

Steve G. indicated that this was a very effective ploy at silencing Weld, and winning the debate on compassion points.

It makes me wonder all the more about Kerry's combat experience, and whether that statement is true. How the heck could the truth of it be checked?

I would appreciate any comment or feedback from anyone.

It does at least seem clear that Kerry never misses an opportunity to use his service in Vietnam as a club with which to silence debate, end conversation, and challenge all present to DARE to question whether his assertions are anything less than received wisdom...

It is at least consistent with the way he leveraged his brief sojourn in Southeast Asia to get a very important few hours in the glare of the television lights telling the CERTIFIABLE GOD DAMN LIES he offered up to the Senate and the American public for reasons known only to him.

But anyhow, I've had the experience of several people dying in my arms, but it's never occurred to me to bring it up as a way of suggesting I have some deeper philosophical grasp of the issues of... well, abortion, or euthanasia, or the death penalty, or whether we should or shouldn't risk a military confrontation. And I don't think Mr. Kerry has any deeper respect for human life than do I.

Sorta reminds me of a conversation I had with a former friend. In the midst of mulling over (in a reasonably energetic way) the conflict between privacy and public safety posed by AIDS, she screamed at me that *SHE* had LOTS more gay friends than I did, so I had NO RIGHT to be making ANY judgment about how AIDS privacy issues should be handled.

Interesting. I didn't recall ever submitting a tally of all my gay friends for her inspection. And I didn't see that either way it had much bearing on the problem at issue.

Seriously, my point is that there are lots of people who simply cannot tolerate having to defend their own statements, and will use the biggest club they can wield to batter an opponent.

When that fails, they generally stomp away, screaming curses.

I know it's a sin to think thoughts like this, but I would give worlds to see it when Kerry finally blows a gasket.

Seems like his entire campaign is a slow-motion tantrum.

NO! WAIT! Remember the great old Jimmy Cagney film from the 1930's where he played a hardened, cynical gangster awaiting his date with "THE CHAIR?" Pat O'Brien played the priest that came into his death row cell and stirred his conscience, reminding him of all the street kids who admired his gangster toughness, and gangster ways, and who all wanted to grow up to be gangster killer murderer robbers just like Cagney's character.

The priest left the condemned tough guy with a final admonition to think about whether in his final moments, he could find some way to dissuade those kids from following in his footsteps, and ending up in the same fix.

In the final scene of the movie, Cagney walks the final walk to the electric chair, and after a pause, begins a cowardly display of panic that makes the reporters cringe in astonishment. The street kids are shown listening to the radio report of their former hero's craven last moments. Sobered, they turn away, abandoning the toy tommy guns and pistols, and picking up their baseball gloves.

But the priest knew that performance was the one selfless act of the man's life.

You don't think Kerry is humiliating himself day by day in any sort of similar act of contrition? Maybe? Possibly?

You never know what's REALLY going on, do you?


Blogger EvilPundit said...

You ask how the truth of Kerry's statement could be checked.

I would suggest an email to the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth. Between all their members, they should be able to verify the story.

10:26 AM  

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