Thursday, August 19, 2004

European Union NOW Building Fence Too

Brave New Europe, the people that have legislation on their books making it possible for one of their member states to extradite and criminally prosecute a citizen of another member state for publishing statements qualifying as “hate speech” on a website ANYWHERE, have announced plans to build an enormous fence along the borders of Hungary and Poland. The fence is intended to hinder the movement of migrants seeking entry into Brave New Europe from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, which border Poland and Hungary, recently admitted to the EU.

Um, wasn’t it the European Union that just spent several months fulminating about how terrible, racist, cruel, unjust, and mean Israel is to build a fence to keep out Palestinian fanatical homicide bombers? Didn’t the United Nations and the European Union JUST LAST MONTH manage to persuade the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE to rule that it was illegal for Israel to build a fence??

Evidently, on reflection, they concluded that Israel’s idea was actually pretty neat.

For Europeans to keep out the riff-raff, NOT for Israel to keep out maniac murderers of children and old people and pregnant women waiting for buses or pizza.

Aren’t you glad the United States has refused to surrender its sovereignty to the International Court of Justice?


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